We’re Gluu.

The Canadian nonprofit on a mission to help older adults use technology to stay happy, healthy & connected.

We make digital skills stick.

Digital skills have never been more critical, especially for seniors. But technology is only useful if you know how to use it. That’s where we come in.

Gluu offers free digital skills training for all Canadian seniors.

Since 2015, we have helped over 30,000 seniors learn to love their technology. Whether it’s mobile devices, computers, wearables, smart home tech, or health technology – we’re the glue that brings it all together.

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, we are now offering free digital skills training to all Canadian seniors. Go, Canada! ??

Born before 1974?

That’s all you need to be part of the Gluu community. Welcome!

If now is the right time to learn to use your mobile device, sign up for Gluu Essentials, our FREE online training for Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android Smartphone & Android Tablets.

Gluu Essentials will help you turn your smartphone and tablet into a must-have tool. By learning the essentials, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to do more with your mobile device.

Let’s face it. You could spend a lifetime trying to figure out the best way to use your mobile device. Or, you could learn what you need from Gluu Essentials in just a few hours.

How does free sound?

Our premier online training is now free for Canadian seniors. That’s a $99 value!

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, our comprehensive online digital skills training program is 100% free for Canadian seniors. It’s called Gluu Essentials.

Gluu Essentials for Mobile Devices includes forever access to walk-through videos and step-by-step instructions.

Gluu Essentials courses are expertly written and professionally created. Online materials make it easy to walk through each class at your own pace and repeat lessons when needed. Here’s the list of mobile devices cover:

  • Apple iPad Tablet
  • Apple iPhone Smartphone
  • Android Tablet – coming soon!

Lessons on demand anytime, anywhere & from any device with an internet connection

Gluu Essentials is entirely online. Each class is organized into easily digestible lessons covering every major feature of your device.

Self-paced online classes mean no pressure. Learn when it’s convenient. Take all the time you need, and repeat as often as you like. Ask questions as you go through each lesson. Every other week get the answers during our live Q&A sessions hosted by Gluu founder Linda Fawcus.

That will make these digital skills stick!

What our students have to say…

There are no mere words that can convey the appreciation we have for your timely and informative classes. If we had it our way, Gluu would be declared an essential service. Not only has it enhanced our communication skills with loved ones during this COVID-19 lockdown, but it has also provided us with a productive diversion from the otherwise dull daily routines. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Linda, and your entire team for your dedication, competence, and empathy. You make our world a much better place to enjoy.

Ed, 86

Linda and her team have turned me, a timid Luddite, into a confident Apple user! They are patient and explain topics using regular English. The atmosphere is very relaxed and unintimidating. I have learned so much. I am so grateful to Linda!

Arlene, 67

Lessons from Linda and the Gluu team are as well presented (and at times even better) online as they were in the traditional classroom. Well organized lessons by knowledgeable Gluu founder. Linda and her team are dedicated to guiding seniors. Repetition, where needed, ensures that no senior is left behind. It’s exactly what is needed now.

Carla, 76

Linda and Gluu have changed my life! My confidence level when handling my iPhone and iPad has soared, and I feel my personal data is much more secure. During these COVID times, anything which reduces anxiety is a godsend!

Susan, 72

I am so glad a friend told me about Gluu. I have acquired so much more knowledge about my iPhone. So much to learn and have signed up for the next session.

Joyce, 71

A class with Linda has been the best spent hour in the past few years. Everyone leaves happy and so glad to have conquered some of the mysteries of technology.

Margaret, 81 

These are by far the best ‘tech’ classes I have taken – I am becoming almost as smart as my smartphone. Linda is an amazing instructor, and the lessons are straightforward, easy to follow, and practical. I love her for creating a supportive learning environment that is not intimidating. She’s ‘human’, laughs when things don’t go according to plan, and adapts. She wants us to learn and use our new skills to make our lives easier.

Christine, 66

My wife and I are both very pleased and impressed with the work Gluu has done. We will continue to register for their excellent classes. We are both newbies when it comes to iPads, and they have helped us so much!!!

Ray, 90

I love all the background information! It really helps put all these new things into an understandable order and gives the new terms a “grounding” instead of ideas and words that just seem to float! The practicality emphasized is just what I need, and Linda explains things so very clearly and in such an organized fashion, being sure to repeat carefully so we can remember. Her class is a priority in my life; I always make the time for it.

Pat, 72

The classes are amazing. Your step by step approach and clear directions are wonderful. You have provided so much information on how to navigate this world we are now in, based on technology. Thank you for all of your efforts and for teaching us how to use our devices. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!!

Doris, 70

Cannot believe there was so much to learn about my iPhone. Excellent information.

Pamela, 76

What the heck does Gluu mean?

It’s a word that starts a conversation. Gluu sticks with older adults as they get the digital skills they need to be happy, healthy & connected.

It’s not a fancy acronym. But it’s definitely a whole lot cooler than Seniors Learning to Use Technology Club. ?

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Gluu Technology Society

A Canadian nonprofit helping older adults get the digital skills they need to be happier, healthier & more connected. ♥️


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