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Is it time to figure out your technology?

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Our easy-to-follow courses and other online learning resources will help you learn to use the technology that’s in your life. Thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada, lifetime access is free for Canadian seniors until March 31, 2022. Let’s get tapping!

What is Gluu?

It’s the easiest way to get the digital skills you need. 100% free. No cost. No ads. No catch.

Gluu Society is the Canadian nonprofit on a mission to help older adults learn to use technology to stay happy, healthy & connected. We make it stick 😉

Master the Basics

You could spend a lifetime learning how to use technology. Or use our resources to figure out the essentials in a few hours.

Get Secure Online

Be online with confidence. Learn exactly how to keep your data away from cybercriminals. And, have a plan to follow if your information has been part of a data breach.

Make Smart Choices

Technology affects your whole life. Get trusted information, reviews, resources, and support. We help you learn what devices are worth you time and money, and show you how to use them to stay happy, healthy & connected.

Online Courses & Live Events Start in January!

Courses for Android and Apple mobile devices begin in January. Topics include digital security for mobile devices and computers, learn to use your device, figure out what device to buy, and get prepared for traveling with your technology. 

Digital Skills in Six Easy Steps

Step 1

Get Your Free Membership

Your membership gives you free and forever access to all of our courses and other online learning resources—thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada. Go, Canada!

Step 2

Browse for the Resources you need

Browse our website for other online learning resources to continue your digital skills learning journey. In January, choose a course from our growing list and use any internet connected device to progress through the lessons at your own pace.

Step 3

Check out Your Course Materials

Our courses include video lessons, step-by-step instructions & printable learning resources. We provide all the materials you need to succeed.

Step 4

High Five your Progress

Each course remembers what you’ve learned and shows your progress to keep you motivated. Get Certificates and Badges for course completion and share what you've accomplished.

Step 5

Join our live online events

You're invited to our virtual Live Events that dive into topics from our online courses. They are a great place to ask questions, pick up new tips, and get to know the Gluu community. Live events start in January.

Step 6

Any Questions?

Have a question other members of the Gluu community might also have? Ask Gluu. We will answer the most popular questions here on our website and in our Ask Gluu Monthly Newsletter.

Your Membership Includes

Become A Lifelong Learner

Thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada, Lifetime Memberships are free until March 31, 2022 for all Canadian seniors. 

What people are saying about Gluu

The classes are just what I needed to learn how to navigate the world of technology I find myself living in. The step by step instructions and clear directions are wonderful.
Rhonda L.
67 • iPhone & Apple Computer
Linda and Gluu have changed my life! My confidence level when handling my iPhone and iPad has soared, and I feel my personal data is much more secure. During these COVID times, anything which reduces anxiety is a godsend!
Mary S.
71• iPhone and iPad user
The Gluu crew have turned a timid Luddite into a confident Apple user! The live events are relaxed and unintimidating. Linda uses plain English to explain concepts. I have learned so much. I am so grateful to Gluu!
Alex F.
81, iPad & PC user
There are no mere words that can convey the appreciation we have for your timely and informative classes. If we had it our way, Gluu would be declared an essential service.
Kevin P.
68 • Samsung Tablet & PC user

Gluu Blog

Use the Gluu Blog to boost your learning. Our posts keep you up on the latest tech news, technology trends, and digital security information. We also share reviews on the apps and gadgets the Gluu Crew is testing out. Tap on a post to get started.

A Few Tips To Get You Started

No Tissues, Please

Never use tissues, paper towels, or course materials to clean any device screen. Gently polish the screen with a dry microfibre cloth instead. Use a damp cloth if needed.

Careful turning Wi-Fi Off

Turning Wi-Fi off to silence your device can make it impossible to use Find My services to locate that device should it be lost or stolen. Consider using the Do Not Disturb option instead.

Know What Wi-Fi To Trust

Only connect to public Wi-Fi networks with names you know—check with someone working at that location to be sure. Remember, entering a password to access a Wi-Fi network doesn't mean it's secure.

Check Your Email

To see if your email has been part of a data breach, go to haveibeenpwned.com—this trusted website will safely check. If your email has been part of a breach, check out our Digital Security course.

Update Your OS

Update the operating system (OS) on all of your devices. This is a necessary protection to keep cybercriminals away from your data. Not sure how to do that? Take one of our Essentials courses, search on Google for instructions, or reach out to your manufacturer for help.

Don't Charge to 100%

Avoid charging your mobile device to 100%. These batteries age faster if they are always charging. A rough guideline is to keep within the sweet spot of 40% and 80%-that means no charging overnight, every night.

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Gluu is on a mission to help Canadian seniors become the most digitally literate in the world—one tap at a time.
Gluu Technology Society founder Linda Fawcus
Linda Fawcus

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