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For the first time, Gluu is considering working closely with Brand Partners to create learning resources, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact on the digital learning journey of older Canadians.

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We are looking for brand partnerships that span a multi-year life cycle and involve a number of different programs. Here are a few ways your brand can partner with Gluu.


Contribute to digital skills resource creation, operations, or the tools we need to make our work possible.


Rally your employees and customers to help teach or support digital skills classes, engage in social gaming, or handle some basic tech support questions.


Help shine a bigger spotlight on the importance of digital skills training for older adults. You can also help us make a bigger impact by spreading the word about Gluu.

The Key Issue

Technology keeps us connected, healthy & happy. But only if you know how to use it.

Before this decade ends, over seven million Canadian seniors will be making plans to age at home, and that home is expected to have at least 15 connected devices. Technology has the ability to keep older adults connected, help them stay healthy, and make home a safe place to grow old. This saves Governments and families money and provides independence for those who have the digital skills.

A lack of digital skills leads to social isolation, makes accessing government and other online services challenging, and creates a population of older adults that may be left behind as technology further integrates into our daily lives. Gaining digital skills and the confidence to use technology is necessary for millions of older adults in Canada. Affordable internet access, appropriate devices, and ongoing digital skills training and support is needed.

Gluu is here to help.
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Our Impact

Building Confidence. Changing Lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how large the existing gaps are in how older adults are using technology to access services, stay connected to their communities, and remain independent. It has put a spotlight on the pressing need to to help them become confident and engaged online. That is the work Gluu is doing.

Gluu has measured the impact of our digital skills learning resources from the start—it’s built into everything we do. What makes our digital skills training solution unique is that our students quickly understand they are not too old to learn, they become motivated to try new things, and see the benefits of bringing technology into their lives. They realize that digital skills training is worth their valuable time. 

We are working to create lasting impacts in the lives of older adults. This happens when we provide students with appropriate opportunities to learn and support them throughout their digital skills learning journey. It take a cohesive plan to move them towards a more connected digital life: high-quality learning resources, a relaxed, fun and social learning environment, accessible design, and trusted support are central to winning hearts and motivating people to change their habits. 

Our digital skills training makes the everyday lives of participating older adults better, and our impact extends to the families, organizations and communities surrounding them. Gluu is working to achieving the goals of the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030) by empowering our community to use technology to maintain physical and mental health and enabling them to live their lives to the fullest.

Here are some of the benefits of Gluu digital skills training:

What people are saying about Gluu
The classes are just what I needed to learn how to navigate the world of technology I find myself living in. The step by step instructions and clear directions are wonderful.
Rhonda L.
67 • iPhone & Apple Computer
Linda and Gluu have changed my life! My confidence level when handling my iPhone and iPad has soared, and I feel my personal data is much more secure. During these COVID times, anything which reduces anxiety is a godsend!
Mary S.
71• iPhone and iPad user
The Gluu crew have turned a timid Luddite into a confident Apple user! The live events are relaxed and unintimidating. Linda uses plain English to explain concepts. I have learned so much. I am so grateful to Gluu!
Alex F.
81, iPad & PC user
There are no mere words that can convey the appreciation we have for your timely and informative classes. If we had it our way, Gluu would be declared an essential service.
Kevin P.
68 • Samsung Tablet & PC user
Gluu is on a mission to help Canadian seniors become the most digitally literate in the world—one tap at a time.
Gluu Technology Society founder Linda Fawcus
Linda Fawcus
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