Everybody Should 2FA, Says Google (and Gluu)

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is additional security that ensures only you can access your online accounts, and it’s becoming mandatory for all Google accounts. Requiring 2FA might become a trend with other tech companies, so now is an excellent time to get comfortable using it.

QR Code Basics You Need To Know

One unexpected thing we learned from COVID is that QR codes are pretty handy. This post explains how to use these fancy links and shares some unexpected places they are popping up—from the sky to the graveyard.

RCMP “E” Division Shares Digital Security Tips

The RCMP in ‘E’ Division (British Columbia) consists of Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Policing levels, all working to keep us safe from cybercriminals. In this interview with Corporal Vinh Ngo RCMP E Division officer, we learn about this vital Division and get tips to help us stay safe online.

11 Top Streaming Apps Today

Streaming TV shows and movies has taken off, big time. In this post, we look at why streaming services are worth a look, even if you have a traditional PVR and cable TV setup.