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Help older adults in your community gain the digital skills they need to be part of the modern world.

A Gluu Digital Coach is a volunteer who works with us to help older adults learn basic digital skills. Our goal is to teach older adults how to use technology to stay in touch with family and friends, manage email effectively, save money and time shopping online, find what they need on the web, and understand how to stay secure online.

You don’t need to be an expert. If you know how to send an email, shop online, and use Facebook or Zoom, then you have valuable digital skills to share. In just a few hours per month, you can make a meaningful difference to someone trying to gain confidence online.

We provide training, teaching resources, student learning materials, and the support you need to succeed. You handle the human connection and let us do the rest.

Together we can help make digital skills stick. 

Please note: Our volunteer opportunities are virtual until at least April 21, 2022, due to COVID restrictions.

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what makes a great digital Coach

can use a computer or mobile device

You don't need to be an expert. If you are comfortable using your device, then you have valuable skills to share.

excited about the positive effects of technology

We live in amazing times. Gluu is looking for people who can share that excitement with those just getting started.

friendly, empathetic & reliable

That is quite a list! Being someone who can work comfortably with older adults of all skill levels and in all situations.

good at explaining concepts in simple terms

Keeping it simple helps concepts stick. We help you explain complex topics using relatable language and examples.

knows when to stop talking & start listening

There is a lot of information to share when teaching digital skills. It's important to share in bite-sized pieces.

loads of patience

Stress is a confidence buster. A good Digital Coach is patient no matter what kind of day you've had or how many times you repeat a lesson. Patience = compassion.

Benefits of being a digital Coach

Not a tech whiz? Not a problem.

Digital Coaches are not expected to answer complicated tech support questions—leave those to us! Your role is to teach basic digital skills & provide encouragement. If you need help, our team is there with answers to any questions you have. 

tools you need to succeed

Gluu provides resources to help you become a successful Digital Coach. Our training materials include online video classes, downloadable teaching resources, scripted lesson plans, detailed FAQs, and live training events with the Gluu Crew.

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