Dig-IT Volunteer Opportunities

You're invited to help us build a national Dig-IT community. Help seniors by creating fun and inspiring online events or teaching them how to use their tablets. In as little as an hour per month, you can make a meaningful difference to seniors in your community.

what is a Virtual event Volunteer?

A Virtual Event Volunteer is someone who co-hosts a virtual event—play an online game, create a Book or Movie Club, share your hobbies & interests, create a city or museum tour—all through Zoom. Gluu helps with everything from developing your event concept to ensuring your show goes off without a hitch.

What is a Digital Coach?

Help seniors learn to use their Samsung tablets. Using printed and online resources, during 30-minute calls, you will guide your seniors through the essential skills they need. You don’t need to be a tech whiz. If you know how to use a tablet, you have the skills to be a successful Digital Coach.

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