New Gluu Classes Coming November 1st

Our brand new digital skills learning platform is almost ready! Created by experts, designed for older adults. Be one of the first to experience it by getting your free Lifetime Membership now.

What’s included? Courses for Apple, Samsung, and computer people. Plus, live virtual events, digital security classes, printable materials & loads of other goodies—all free for members.

Your free Lifetime Membership means unlimited access forever. 

Registration is free for Lifetime Memberships until March 31, 2022. 

What is Gluu?

It’s an easy-to-remember word that starts a conversation.

Gluu makes digital skills stick. And, we stick with older adults as they learn to use technology. You get the idea.

Canadian nonprofit Organization

We are a nonprofit society working to provide free digital skills learning resources to older Canadians and the people & organizations that support them.

Free for all Older Adults

Our Board works hard to secure funding and partnerships that allow us to provide cost-free, ad-free digital skills education and learning resources to older adults and seniors' organizations.

Proudly Helping Seniors' Organizations

Our national network of seniors' organizations using Gluu digital skills learning resources to support their members is growing fast. Together we are empowering volunteers to share their digital skills knowledge and giving older adults expertly created and fun digital skills training.


Gluu Free Lifetime Membership


Master the Basics

You could spend a lifetime learning how to use technology. Or take our online courses and figure out the essentials in a few hours. With unlimited access, you can repeat lessons as much as you like. That should make it stick!

Get Secure Online

Be online with confidence. Learn exactly how to keep your data away from cybercriminals. And have a plan to follow if your information has been part of a data breach.

Make Smart Choices

Technology affects your whole life. Get trusted information, reviews, resources, and support. We help you learn what devices are worth your time and money and show you how to use them.

A peek at What's Coming

New content starts rolling out to members on November 1st. Here’s a look at what we are working on:

  • A brand new website that’s easy to use
  • A new online learning platform that includes progress tracking, badges, certificates, and one easy login
  • Gluu Guide to Digital Security, 2022 Digital Edition
  • Digital Security Online Courses
  • Apple iPhone Course for iOS 15
  • Apple iPad Course for iOS 15
  • Samsung Tablet Courses
  • Jargon Dictionary—over 260 words and growing
  • Live Virtual Classes & Presentation
  • How to use Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet & FaceTime
  • The Ask Gluu help desk to get your questions answered faster

Registration is FREE for Lifetime Memberships until March 31, 2022. Get your membership before then and enjoy our content for free forever.

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What people are saying about Gluu
The classes are just what I needed to learn how to navigate the world of technology I find myself living in. The step by step instructions and clear directions are wonderful.
Rhonda L.
67 • iPhone & Apple Computer
Linda and Gluu have changed my life! My confidence level when handling my iPhone and iPad has soared, and I feel my personal data is much more secure. During these COVID times, anything which reduces anxiety is a godsend!
Mary S.
71• iPhone and iPad user
The Gluu crew have turned a timid Luddite into a confident Apple user! The live events are relaxed and unintimidating. Linda uses plain English to explain concepts. I have learned so much. I am so grateful to Gluu!
Alex F.
81, iPad & PC user
There are no mere words that can convey the appreciation we have for your timely and informative classes. If we had it our way, Gluu would be declared an essential service.
Kevin P.
68 • Samsung Tablet & PC user

Registration is FREE for Lifetime Memberships until March 31, 2022. Get your membership before then and enjoy our content for free forever.

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