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Registration FAQ

We believe in transparency about how we handle the information you give us. Below are some answers to questions you may have about our registration form. 


No. Your Lifetime Membership is valid forever. Registration is free for Lifetime Memberships until March 31, 2022. After that time, we may need to charge for memberships to support the work our nonprofit does. If you are interested in learning digital skills, we suggest you register for your membership now.

you already have my email address. Do I need to fill out this form?

Yes, please. We need you to update your information and to agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You will find links to those documents in the very bottom of this page.


Our new online learning platform requires all users to be registered through our new system. Registration only takes a moment. 

Why are you asking my age?

Our funders require us to keep track of how many seniors 65+ are using Gluu. All information we send to funders is anonymous—neither your name, email address, nor any other data is shared with anyone. 

Why are you asking for my province or territory?

Our funders require us to keep track of where our students are across Canada.

Why does my password have to be so long?

Your password must be strong to keep you and our website secure—this is a common feature of modern websites. The Strength Indicator will tell you if your password is strong enough. Try adding special characters (@#$%&!), numbers, and at least one uppercase and lowercase letter to make your password stronger. Please keep a record of your password.

Do i get a confirmation email about my membership?

Yes. Your membership is activated immediately after you successfully complete the form. We also send you a confirmation email with the information you gave us for your records.

When do i get my courses?

We are working hard here at Gluu. November 1st is the soonest you will have access to courses and other materials. We will send you a reminder email about five days before with instructions on logging in, plus details about our new content. Don’t worry. Logging in is super easy—all you need is your email and the password you created during registration.

Where Can i read your terms & conditions and Privacy policy?

You can use the links at the bottom of every page of our website to view these documents or click on the links below.
To view Privacy Policy, click here.
To view Terms & Conditions, click here.

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