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Our national network of seniors’ organizations is growing fast. Together we are providing older adults with free expertly created digital skills training and empowering volunteers to share their digital skills knowledge.

Thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada, our library of digital skills teaching and learning resources is free for Canadian seniors’ organizations. We also have free printed materials you can share with your seniors (while supplies last!).

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What is Gluu?

It’s an easy-to-remember word that starts a conversation.

Gluu makes digital skills stick. And, we stick with older adults as they learn to use technology. You get the idea.

Candian nonprofit Organization

We are a social purpose nonprofit society working to provide digital skills learning resources to older Canadians and the people & organizations that support them.

Free for all Older Adults

Our Board works hard to secure funding and partnerships that allow us to provide cost-free, ad-free digital skills education and learning resources to older adults and seniors' organizations.

Proudly Helping Seniors' Organizations

Our national network of seniors' organizations using Gluu digital skills learning resources to support their members is growing fast. Together we are empowering volunteers to share their digital skills knowledge and giving older adults expertly created and fun digital skills training.

Our Impact

Building Confidence. Changing Lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how large the existing gaps are in how older adults are using technology to access services, stay connected to their communities, and remain independent. It has put a spotlight on the pressing need to to help them become confident and engaged online. That is the work Gluu is doing.

Gluu has measured the impact of our digital skills learning resources from the start—it’s built into everything we do. What makes our digital skills training solution unique is that our students quickly understand they are not too old to learn, they become motivated to try new things, and see the benefits of bringing technology into their lives. They realize that digital skills training is worth their valuable time. 

We are working to create lasting impacts in the lives of older adults. This happens when we provide students with appropriate opportunities to learn and support them throughout their digital skills learning journey. It take a cohesive plan to move them towards a more connected digital life: high-quality learning resources, a relaxed, fun and social learning environment, accessible design, and trusted support are central to winning hearts and motivating people to change their habits. 

Our digital skills training makes the everyday lives of participating older adults better, and our impact extends to the families, organizations and communities surrounding them. Gluu is working to achieving the goals of the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030) by empowering our community to use technology to maintain physical and mental health and enabling them to live their lives to the fullest.

Here are some of the benefits of Gluu digital skills training:

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