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Set Up Face ID on iPad

Face ID lets you securely lock or unlock your iPad just by glancing at the screen. Once you get used to Face ID, you’ll forget all about it. It’s by far the easiest way to secure your iPad. And it’s secure. Let’s get started.

Before we begin

Face ID provides even more reliable security. Simply put, your face unlocks your iPad. The chance that a random person unlocks your iPad is approximately 1 in 1,000,000. With Touch ID, there was a 1 in 50,000 chance someone will be able to unlock your iPad with their fingerprint. That’s a significant security improvement. And for additional protection, Face ID only allows five unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone using a face. After that, your Passcode is required.

Some tips before you start setting up Face ID

Before you start setting up Face ID, make sure nothing is covering the front-facing camera. Make sure you don’t have anything covering your nose and mouth, such as a face mask. You can keep your glasses on. Face ID is going to be most accurate if you hold your iPad about an arm’s length away from your face as you’re setting it up.

Let's Get Tapping!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Open the Settings app.

Go to  Settings >  Face ID & passcode.

If asked, enter your Passcode.

Step 2

Tap Set up Face ID.

Step 3

Hold your iPad in portrait mode, about an arm’s length away from your face.

Tap Get Started.


Step 4

Make sure your face is inside the white circle frame you see on the screen. Now gently move your head in a clockwise motion. You’re trying to complete a green circle around the white circle. You do that by slowly  moving your head in a circular motion.

Step 5

When you finish your first Face ID scan, tap Continue.

Step 6

One more time! Now move your head to complete the circle for a second time.

Step 7

Tap Done.

If you haven’t yet set a Passcode, you will be asked to create one. You need a passcode so that Apple has another way to verify your identity. A Passcode is an essential security feature.

Quick Recap

Apple’s Face ID is a facial-recognition technology that allows your face to unlock your iPhone. You can use Face ID to authorize purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, and payments with Apple Pay. Some apps will also let you Face ID to sign in, saving the hassle of a password.

Gluu Tip

If you wear glasses, you can keep them on during the Face ID setup procedure. Face ID will recognize you just fine with your glasses on and off. It automatically adapts to changes in your appearance, such as wearing makeup, growing facial hair, fluctuating weight, or getting old. Face ID can even tell the difference between you and someone who is wearing Hollywood special effects mask of your face. (Like that’s ever going to happen!)

Gluu FAQ

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How does Face ID work?

Face ID uses some of the most advanced hardware and software that Apple has ever created. The camera captures analyzes over 30,000 invisible dots invisibly maps onto your face. It also uses an infrared image of your face. All this in the blink of an eye.

Does Face ID work if you lose weight, grow old, or wear makeup?

Yes. Face ID recognizes the basic structure of your face, which doesn’t change. Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your appearance, such as wearing makeup or growing facial hair. Face ID can even tell the difference between you and someone who is wearing Hollywood special effects mask of your face.

Should I setup up Face ID with or with or without glasses?

It doesn’t matter. You can wear or not wear glasses, and Face ID will recognize you just fine.

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