Tapestry at Wesbrook Village Public Classes
Tapestry at Wesbrook Village
Public iPad & iPhone Classes at Wesbrook Village near UBC
Basics of iPhone & iPad
iPads & iPhones are transforming the way we age. ‘Basics’ is a must-take course for older adults new to mobile technology. Our expert Coaches teach easy tips and tricks to ensure you learn to use your iPad & iPhone with as little fuss as possible. This course makes a great gift. Class Notes and Support are included.

Contact the Front Desk for details (604) 225-5000.

This class is for those who want to…

Learn to use a new device and get started easily

Get Tips on how iPad & iPhone can keep you organized and connected

Refresh your skills and learn new ways to use your iPad & iPhone

During this class we will…

– Understand how to get on WiFi securely

– Learn to text using cell and WiFi

– Explore the Control Centre

– Get to know Siri, your personal digital assistant

– Set up your Contacts app

– Figure out the camera & find your photos

– Lots more… plus Q&A

LEVEL TWO: Essential Skills for iPhone & iPad
Once you know the basics, it’s time to explore the most useful features of your device. In this 4-Class Series, we will dive into the apps that came with your iPad or iPhone. We share pro tips on how to text, use Safari securely, get started with the Notes app, manage photos, and download apps. Our expert Coaches will guide you step-by-step on how to customize your device for better security and functionality. Class Notes and Support are included.

Contact Front Desk for details (604)225-5000.

This class is for those who want to…

Expand on the skills you already have

Learn to do more with the apps that come with your device(s)

Get Pro Tips on how to get the most out of your devices

This series will help you…

– Use Safari to get online securely

– Add the Calendar app to your paper calendar routine, set up alerts, locations, and more

– Customize important privacy and usage options

– Get Siri working for you, master dictation & setup text replacement

– Master the Notes app to keep track of To Do Lists and things you want to remember

– Learn about the Photos app and how to organize and back up your photos and videos

– Lots more… plus Q&A

Tapestry at Wesbrook Village