Gluu Essentials for Android Tablets

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Gluu Essentials for Android Tablets teaches the digital skills you need to turn your Android Tablet into a must-have tool. By learning the essentials, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to do more with your tablet.

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Gluu Essentials for Android Tablets includes forever access to 20+ walk-through videos & 40+ lessons.

Gluu Essentials for Android Tablets gives you 20+ professionally created video lessons and detailed step-by-step instructions for over 40 lessons. Online materials make it easy to walk through each class at your own pace and repeat lessons when needed.

Gluu Essentials courses are expertly written and professionally created. Online materials make it easy to walk through each class at your own pace and repeat lessons when needed. 

Lessons on demand anytime, anywhere & from any device with an internet connection

Gluu Essentials for Android Tablets is entirely online. Each class is organized into easily digestible lessons covering every major feature of your device.

Self-paced online classes mean no pressure. Learn when it’s convenient. Take all the time you need, and repeat as often as you like. Ask questions as you go through each lesson. Every other week get the answers during our live Q&A sessions hosted by Gluu founder Linda Fawcus.

That will make these digital skills stick!

Here’s a peek at what you will learn in this course:

Class #1: What's Where?

This class is not just for beginners. Learn where everything is and how to care for your Tablet properly. We show you how to use public Wi-Fi safely. Then we look at the accessibility features of your device and tweak them to suit your needs. You will also get some interesting and relevant info to ensure a solid and safe start to life with your tablet.

Class #2: Make Your Tablet Smarter

Make your tablet smarter by using your personal digital assistant and your contacts app. This powerful combination helps you easily stay connected with the people and things you love. Privacy and security are also discussed.

Class #3: So Many Photos!

Figure out how to take photos and keep them organized. We show you how to take great pictures, edit the so-so ones, and share the winners. You learn to search for photos and videos the easy way. Then we demystify using albums to get your photos and videos organized, finally!

Class #4: Untangle the Web

Learn how to use the Chrome browser to organize what you discover online. Follow expert tips on managing online accounts securely and updating settings to keep advertisers from tracking you. We look under the hood at Search Engines, figure out what Cookies are, and learn why some Cookies are not so bad, after all.

What the heck does Gluu mean?

It’s a word that starts a conversation. Gluu sticks with older adults as they get the digital skills they need to be happy, healthy & connected.

It’s not a fancy acronym. But it’s definitely a whole lot cooler than Seniors Learning to Use Technology Club. ?

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