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What is a Browser?

A browser lets you see webpages or websites. It reads the code that makes up a webpage and displays it with a nice layout, images, icons, and other things for you to click on. You tell your browser to go to a webpage by entering a specific web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator pronounced “Earl”) into the Search Bar. For example, enter the URL to go Gluu Technology Society website.

Apple’s browser is called Safari. Google’s browser is called Chrome (and No, you are not required to use Chrome for the “best browsing experience” — that is just Google marketing hype). Other Browsers are:

  • Mozilla Firefox – an excellent browser to get to know
  • Microsoft Edge

Why use the Safari Browser?
At Gluu, we like to show you how to get the most out of the apps Apple gives you. All Apple apps follow the same design guidelines. That means the placement of icons, colours, and how the apps work is similar across Apple’s apps. So, investing your time into learning how to use Safari will make other Apple apps feel more intuitive.

We also like that Safari provides a relatively private browsing experience — not totally private, but pretty darn close. Apple has software running behind the scenes to control how advertisers track you around the web. More on that in our Cookies Lesson.

Once you master Safari, give another browser a try — or not. Life is short, after all.

Onward, Ho!

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